UNI-T UTD2102e Digital Oscilloscope with large 7" display and 100MHz bandwidth, 32K record length for 2 channel with highest 500Ms/s sample rate. It is a widely used electronic measuring instrument, can transform the electrical signals into visible images, so that people can study the changes of various electrical phenomena.
Wide and Sensitive Scopemeter --- 100MHz bandwidths; 500Ms/S Real Time sample rate; Dual analog channels wide vertical range 1mV/div~20V/div.
Fast Convenience Capture Digital --- With copy function for fast storage infomation; Record length up to 32K, and waveform record up to 1000 screen.
Reliable Electronic Measuring Tool --- High accuracy and wide measurement range meet different analyze demands.
Easy to Use ---  Supports plug-and-play USB storage device. Communication with and remote control of computer through the USB device. Multilingual menu available, with multiple functional button for fast operation.
Large Display More Easy Reading --- 7 inch large TFT LCD display with 800×480 pixels RGB, large and  vivid more, make monitor and analyze work more easy.
Wide Application --- electronic circuit debugging / circuit testing / design and manufacture / education and training / automobile maintenance and testing.

Acquisition modes
Real Time sample rate500MS/s
Equivalent sampling50GS/s
Average2 channels simultaneously, can counter the average of 2 n times.and n=1~8 positive integers can be selected.
Input CouplingDC, AC, and GND
Input Impedance1ΜΩ±2%, in parallel with 20pF±3pF
Probe Attenuation Factor1×,10×,100×,1000×
Max. Input Voltage400V(DC+ACpeak,1ΜΩinput resistance)(10:1 probe attenuation)
Channel IsolationOver 40:1
Channel Time Delay(typical)150ps
Interpolationsin (x) / x
Memory Depth32K
Horizontal Scale (s/div)2ns/div ~ 50s/div,  step by 1-2-5
Sampling Rate / Relay Time Accuracy±50ppm(any≥1ms time interval)
Horizontal Display12div
Interval (△T)Single:± (1 interval time + 50ppm × reading + 0.6ns)
Accuracy (full bandwidth)average≥16 : ±(1 interval time + 50ppm × reading + 0.4ns)
Vertical Resolution(A/D)8 bits (2 channels simultaneously)
Horizontal Sensitively Range(V/div)1mV/div -20V/div(in BNC)
Displacement Range±10div
Vertical Bandwith100MHz
Low frequency response (AC coupling, -3dB)≤5Hz( over BNC)
Rais Time (BNC typical)≤3.5ns
DC Gain AccuracyAs Vertical sensitivity is 1mV~5mV/div:±4%
(acquisition or average value acquisition modes);
As Vertical sensitivity is 10mV/div~20V/div:±3%
(acquisition or average value acquisition modes);
DC Measurement Accuracy(average value acquisition modes)Vertical displacement = 0 , and N≥16:
±(5%×reading + 0.1div + 1mV)and select 1mV/div or 2mV/div;
±(4%×reading + 0.1div + 1mV)and select 5mV/div;
±(3%×reading + 0.1div +1mV)and select 10mV/div~20V/div.
Vertical displacement ≠ 0, and N≥16:
±[3%×( reading + Vertical displacement reading)+(1%×Vertical displacement reading )]+0.2div)
set from 5mV/div to 200mV/div + 2mV; setting value from 200mV/div to 20V/div + 50mV.
Voltage difference (ΔV) measurement accuracy
(average acquisition method)
Under the same setting and condition, take the averege value for ≥16 capture waveform,
voltage difference between any two point of the waveform(ΔV):±(3% × Reading + 0.05div )
Trigger Sensitive1div
Trigger level rangeInternal±5 divisions from screen center
Trigger level average(typical)accuracy aims to the signal up and dowm times≥20nsInternal±(0.3div×V/div)(±4 divisions from screen center)
EXT±(6% set value +40mV)
Trigger abilityNomal/Scan Mode,Pre/Delay Trigger,pre-trigger depth adjustable
Release range100ns~1.5s
Set the level to 50% (typical)Operate when Input singnal frequency≥50Hz
Edge TypeRise, fall, rise and fall
Trigger Mode(>, < , =) +Bandwith,(>, < , =) -Bandwith
Trigger Level20ns-10s
CH1 TriggerEdge, bandwidth
CH2 TriggerEdge, bandwidth
CursorManual△V, and △T between cursors, 1/ΔT(Hz)
TrackVoltage value and time value of the waveform point
AutoAllow cursor appear when auto measure
Auto MeasureVpp, Amplitude, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vbase, Vmed, Vavg, Vrms, Overshoot, Preshoot, Freq, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, +Width, -Width, +Duty, -Duty, Delay A→B , Delay A→B ,
Waveform Math+, -, ×, ÷, invert
Storage20 waveform,20 kinds of setting,BMP
Sample point1024 points
Phase Difference±3 degrees
Output Voltage(Typical)about 3V,Peak-to-peak≥1MΩ load
Frequency (Typical)1kHz
Display7inch TFT , 800×480 pixels RGB
Waveform and gridadjustable light for waveform and grid
LanguageChinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Russian
Waveform Record1000 screen,Can be temporarily stored or stored to a USB flash drive
Frequencycouter6-bit hardware frequencycouter
Screen Copyone key copy screen function
Frequency (Typical)1kHz
Standard ConfigurationUSB-OTG:for digital storage and communicate with a PC
Plug TypeEU / UK / US (Optional)
Power Supply220V (EU/UK plug), 110V (US plug), 50/60Hz
Power Consumption< 50W
Fuse2A, T class, 250V
TemperatureWorking Temperature :10℃~+40℃; Storage Temperature:-20℃~+60℃
AltitudeWorking altitude 2,000M; storage altitude15,000M
Item Size350 * 145 * 115mm / 13.8 * 5.7 * 4.5in
Net Weight1793g / 63.2oz
Pacakge Weight2644g / 93.3oz

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UNI-T UTD2102e Digital Oscilloscope 100MHz with USB OTG Logic Analyzer Bandwidth 2 Channels 500Ms/S Storage Portable 7" TFT LCD Scopemeter

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